Netflix To Start Production For Resident Evil Series In June

With the success of the Henry Cavill-led The Witcher, Netflix is looking forward to adapting more video games for a screen near you, and Capcom’s Resident Evil will be next in line.

Uncovered by fansite Redanian Intelligence, which covers The Witcher extensively, a production entry for a Resident Evil series seems to suggest that we are looking at an eight-episode series.

Running 60-minutes in length per episode, shooting is scheduled to start in June, on-location prep work will begin in April, and the main hub of production will be based in South Africa.

If all things go smoothly, we could be looking at even more zombies on our screens come the endo fo the year, much like The Witcher.

No other information is available, including about the casting or directors getting onboard. The previous reports suggest that the series will have the signature elements of the game franchise, and with Resident Evil 3 looking every bit as awesome as we hope it would be, this could be a bumper year for the living dead.