Need For Speed Unbound Mashes Anime With Street For Bold New Art Style

‘Need For Speed Unbound’ Mashes Anime With Street For Bold New Art Style

We are well aware that a current-gen only Need For Speed title is in the works over at EA Criterion and Codemasters, with a big event to reveal it just around the corner. Unfortunately, just a day before the big reveal, a bunch of images for Need For Speed Unbound were leaked via the Japanese site Neowing.

Need For Speed Unbound

It is clear that the new game will have a brand new look in terms of its art style. Realism is still there, at least for the cars, but for everything else, it seems to have taken heavy inspiration from anime and urban style, resulting in an almost Spider-Verse like look for Need for Speed Unbound.

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How that will function when the game is in action remains to be seen, but when the game is still, it certainly lends it a different edge against the likes of Forza and Gran Turismo. With both Criterion and Codemasters at the wheel, the racing experience will definitely be excellent, but perhaps being able to go over the top will help the franchise break new ground against the competition.

Need For Speed Unbound

In addition to the images, we also got a Google-translated description that shed more light on Need For Speed Unbound:

Beat the clock, outsmart the cops, and compete in weekly qualifiers for Lakeshore’s ultimate street racing challenge: The Grand. Fill your garage with precision-tuned custom machines, put on your own style and exclusive looks, and light up the streets with a soundtrack that resonates from every corner of the world.

Go to meetups and show off your style with many items, including limited edition gear, from the latest fashions in the world. Then add the finishing touches to your car’s style, transforming it with unique wraps and cut-out items to match your legendary custom car, and take the lead in races and put your winning pose above the competition.

The full reveal is set to happen at 11 PM (GMT+8) October 6, so be sure to keep your eyes trained on YouTube if you want to see the official unveiling of Need For Speed Unbound.