Mobile MMORPG World Of Dragon Nest Launches January 8, 2020 In Southeast Asia

There are only five more days till the release of the highly-anticipated mobile MMORPG World of Dragon Nest, fans will only need to wait a little more till the game is released on iOS and Android platforms on January 8, 2020.

The upcoming mobile MMORPG comes from the talents at Eyedentity Games and is published by Nexon Thailand. World of Dragon Next will be available in five Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.

World of Dragon Nest will be the first mobile open-world MMORPG for the Dragon Nest series and will be released with five interesting classes to choose from.

Here is a quick look at the five classes that will be available with the launch of World of Dragon Nest.


Is close combat not to your liking? Prefer to silently take down your enemies from afar? Then the Archer class might be the one for you. They excel in long-range battles and can also provide the best healing of the five classes available. They can be equipped with the Long Bow and Crossbow.


The class with the highest health in the game, Clerics are able to withstand the most damage from their enemies and are also incredibly skilled at applying debuffs on their enemies to help turn the tide during battle. They are most suitable for short-range battle and can be equipped with the Mace or Wand.


Silent and deadly, the Slayer is capable of dealing multiple swift attacks to their enemies. They are also capable of applying the bleed effect to enemies, effectively dealing damage per second even when they are not attacking, and are able to grant a party-wide blood draining effect. They can be equipped with Dual Blades or Flying Swords.


Incredibly intelligent and wise beyond their years, the Sorceress uses their control over the elements to fight their enemies. They are capable of not only summoning a tornado of fire but also call down asteroids from space. The Sorceress is also the only class with the ability to decrease their party member’s skill cooldowns. They can be equipped with a Book or an Orb.


An adventurer full of dreams and hope, the warrior is one who seeks to fight for justice and are able to inflict the most damage debuff in battle and are also the best at protecting their party members. They can be equipped with the Sword and Axe.

There are still five days left for you to pre-register for the game before its launch of January 8, 2020. You can visit either the World of Dragon Nest’s official Facebook page or website for more details.

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