Good News; Friends Is Still Here For You On Netflix Singapore In 2020

Remember when non-US folks had to use a VPN to catch The Mandalorian on Disney+? Looks like it’s the other way around now, with Friends suddenly being pulled from Netflix servers across the world… except Singapore, and the rest of Asia.

The impending launch of HBO Max in the US sometime in May 2020 means that a lot of shows from various streamers – Netflix included – will be removed completely and instead featured there. The iconic ’90s and early ’00s sitcom is among those, much to the dismay of many Friends fans on Netflix.

But there may be hope yet, as we can confirm that Friends is still available on Netflix Singapore!

We’re not sure when exactly the show will be removed from Netflix, but that could only happen if HBO Max were to expand outside of the US. We wager not anytime soon, in that regard.

So if you’re reading this and are outside Singapore and desperately not want to subscribe to yet another streaming service, now’s your best chance to get an ExpressVPN subscription.

That said, you might still want to consider a HBO Max subscription if you want to catch that potential exclusive Friends reunion special.