Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Fall 2023

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ Set For Fall 2023 Launch

When it comes to the first-party offerings on the PlayStation side of things, Insomniac Games has been a key part of the gaming giant’s strategy. Following the stellar releases of both Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, fans of the studio’s take on the webhead are eagerly looking forward to the next adventure. And in good news, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set to arrive in Fall 2023.

This news comes via a PlayStation Blog update, which also outlines some of the big titles coming next year. However, let’s focus on the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man first. Launching on PlayStation 5 between September and December, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 follows the events of the previous two games, with the Spider-duo of Peter Parker and Miles Morales back in action.

“What a year it’s been for PlayStation Studios; here at Insomniac Games, we’ve been in absolute awe of the work of our peers. Congrats to everyone on a successful 2022… and here’s to next year being just as exciting as we continue to get Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ready for release next fall,” shared Bryan Intihar, Creative Director.

With about a full year to go, it is safe to say that this won’t be the last time we will hear of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and with Marvel’s Wolverine also in the works, comic-loving and video-game-playing fans will have their hands full in 2023.

In addition to Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ next adventure in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the blog post also touched on notable releases that have already been announced. First up is Square Enix and Luminous Productions Forspoken, which is set to arrive on 24 January early next year.

All of that fancy visuals can be accompanied by a fancy new controller, with the DualSense Edge Wireless Controller rolling out just two days later on 26 January. If you are seeking a more magical adventure, then Hogwarts Legacy should be right up your alley when it launches on 10 February. Just 12 days later, the PS VR 2 will deliver players a better experience immersing themselves in the gaming world.

The rest of the year will also welcome the likes of Destiny 2: Lightfall (28 February), Resident Evil 4 (24 March), and Final Fantasy XVI (Q2/3). It seems like players will certainly have their hands full in the coming year, whether it is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or any of the other big blockbusters coming our way.