Marvel’s Avengers War Table Recap – Beta Details, Rewards, & Hawkeye

The upcoming launch of Crystal Dynamics Marvel’s Avengers is but a short month or so away on 7 September, but eager fans can get their hands on the game early when the beta begins next week. In the latest War Table stream, the developers gave us more of a look at what is to come.

Beta Dates

The Marvel’s Avengers beta will begin first on PS4. Those who have pre-ordered the game will be able to jump in on 7 August. One week later on 14 August, everyone on the PS4 will be able to join in the fun. On the same day, pre-order beta access will open for Xbox One and PC players.

Come 21 August, everyone can play the beta.

Beta Details

As for what you can expect jumping in, there is actually plenty of meat on the beta. Four heroes will be up for the challenge – Iron Man, Black Widow, Kamala Khan, and The Hulk – of story missions, HARM challenge rooms, as well as Warzones and Dropzones.

HARM rooms, otherwise known as Holographic Augmented Reality Machine rooms, are simulations where players go up against increasingly tougher opponents. You can go it solo, with companion AI, or team up with three others to tackle the tasks. Plenty of rewards await, including a special nameplate that will carry over to the main game.

Warzones and Dropzones are co-op missions that can be played with human teammates or AI companions. Ranging from 10 minutes to up to two hours, these missions are perfect for levelling up characters, earning gear, and taking the fight to AIM.

More Goodies

Not only are you getting a taste of Marvel’s Avengers early, but those who play Epic Games’ Fortnite will also get something extra. who complete three HARM challenges on either PS4 or Xbox One during the beta periods will receive a Hulk Smashers Pickaxe. The pickaxe also has an alternate Hulkbuster style.

Of course, the kicker at the end is the reveal of Hawkeye as a post-launch character that will join the Avengers for free. Hawkeye will have his own in-depth story mission chain, and can be played either co-op or solo. He will also bring a new villain with him, details which will be shared at a later date.

While the beta is big, it is miniscule compared to what the full Marvel’s Avengers will bring to the table. Marvel’s Avengers will feature a full-length campaign, over 80 War Zones/Drop Zones, more than 50 enemy types, regularly updated configurations of HARM rooms and challenges, and even more later game mission types.

On top of that, you get six heroes with the game at launch, each with more than 50 skills to upgrade, and gear and outfits to earn and unlock. All new content will also come at no additional cost. That is value.

Marvel’s Avengers launches this 7 September on consoles and PC. It will also be coming to the next-gen consoles as well.

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