Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion Sets Us Up For Plenty Of Mystery And Intrigue

The latest Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion shows off very little, yet we’re still excited for what’s to come.

If anyone feels that this trailer gives off the Winter Soldier vibes (the movie, not the D+ series), you’re with shared company.

Very little is revealed in the trailer itself and there’s little information that we already know. The only new development here is that we see Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) questioning James Rhodes (‎Don Cheadle) on how well he knows his security detail. We’ve not seen much of Rhodes (who is also War Machine) for some time now and it does look like he’s risen up the ranks in a more official / government capacity. It’s clear that the Skrulls might have infiltrated Earth and embedded themselves much deeper than expected.

secret invasion

While the series might deviate from Secret Invasion in the comics, but it still works off a few key threads. Further into the trailer, we see Ben Mendelsohn, who plays the Skrull Talos, confronting Kingsley Ben-Adir before the entire room shapeshifts to reveal more Skrulls.

It’s definitely a splinter war being waged by the Skrulls on Earth and it remains to be seen how all the heroes get into the thick of things (or are replaced).

Secret Invasion will stream on Disney+ sometime in 2023. Can’t wait!