infinity gauntlet

Marvel Reveals Infinity Stones Set Valued at US$25 Million, Complete With Gauntlet

It’s been seven movies since the fall of Thanos, but that hasn’t stopped the Infinity Gauntlet from entering into the conversation time and again. At SDCC 2022, Marvel revealed their most expensive product yet – the Marvel Infinity Gem Collection.

infinity gauntlet

The real-life Infinity Gauntlet holds six gemstones consisting for a a ruby, an emerald, a sapphire, a diamond, a garnet, and amethyst. Here’s a breakdown on all the specifics of each stone –

  • The Time Stone is a Colombian emerald, brilliant in color. Documented by four gemology laboratories, this gem has no treatment, nearing 23-carats. In the Marvel Universe the Time Stone has the ability to manipulate time, even in places beyond time.
  • The Space Stone is a sapphire from the island of Madagascar and clocks in at over 30-carats. In the Marvel Universe the Space Stone allows its user to exist in any location, move throughout different realities, warp or rearrange space, teleport across planes regardless of the laws of physics or magical barriers.
  • The Reality Stone is an oval shaped, 15-plus carat natural ruby from Mozambique, Africa. In the Marvel Universe – Tasks, realities, concepts, visions—things that would normally be impossible to realize are made possible with the Reality Stone. It can retroactively create alternate realities around those changes.
  • The Power Stone is an oval-shaped, natural amethyst of more than 35-carats.
    In the Marvel Universe the Power Stone allows its users to access and manipulate all forms of energy as well as enhance their own physical strength and durability. At full potential, the Power Stone can grant omnipotence. Notably, the jewel boosts the effects of the five other Stones; it’s like a kind of key to start the engine of the Infinity Stones as a single collective force. The ultimate power behind the Power Stone —- and why it sits alone in a place of honor on the Infinity Gauntlet — is how the stone interacts with the others.
  • The Soul Stone is this cushion-shaped, orange-red Spessartite garnet exceeding 35-carats. In the Marvel Universe the Soul Stone served as inspiration for all the rest. It can manipulate the soul and essence of a person, control life and death and contains a pocket dimension called the Soul World.
  • The Mind Stone is a high clarity, intense color rectangular brilliant cut yellow diamond, close to 35-carats. In the Marvel Universe, the Mind Stone allows its user to awaken or heighten psionic abilities like telepathy and telekinesis. Combined with the Power Stone, it can even allow access all minds in existence concurrently.

Having the stones is simply not enough as one would need a proper vessel to house so much power. An exclusive Infinity Gauntlet has been customized to house these gems, specially crafted by Gentle Giant.

At those that have US$25 million of spare change lying around, please do let us know if you’re planning to get one. Otherwise, for the rest of us, we’re more than content with Hasbro’s rendition.