Marvel Comics Rides K-Wave With New South Korean Superhero Taegukgi

With the K-wave phenomenon spreading across the globe, Marvel Comics is leaping on the trend with a new South Korean superhero in the latest February issue of the comic series “Taskmaster”.

Taegukgi“, named after the Korean flag makes his first appearance in the third issue of “Taskmaster” written by Jed Mackay and illustrated by Alessandro Vitti.

The issue delves into Taskmaster’s trip to South Korea following the death of Maria Hill in an attempt to clear his name before confronting Taegukgi. Taegukgi’s abilities are still yet to be fully unveiled even though he seems to take punches quite easily. His powers will likely be explored further in the next issue.

With so many popular South Korean superheroes like Amadeus Cho (Brawn) and Cindy Moon (Silk) already in the fray, Taegukgi definitely won’t be the last project Marvel Comics is working on to ride on the K-wave.