Mark Hamill Returns To Voice The Joker In ‘MultiVersus’

Mark Hamill promised he wouldn’t return to voice Joker if it wasn’t alongside longtime partner Kevin Conroy’s Batman, after Conroy’s passing in 2022. And now, Hamill’s back in MultiVersus, alongside the late Conroy’s Batman for a final performance.

Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill

The duo collaborated in Batman: The Animated Series and various other projects across the franchise, with Hamill saying that “Without Batman, there is no punchline.” Conroy recorded his lines for Warner Bros.’ fighting game right before his passing, allowing Hamill to return to voice Joker.

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Warner Bros. unveiled Joker’s character trailer to the excitement of fans, who celebrated Hamill’s addition to the game. Bruce Wayne might not be having a good time, but Joker certainly is. Batman faces his nemesis once more as he walks through green smoke to reveal Joker, who taunts him, “Oh, Batman, we have got to stop meeting like this.”

MultiVersus will launch officially on 28 May 2024, and there’ll likely be more character reveals leading up to its release, which already includes Adventure Time, Scooby-Doo, and Rick and Morty characters.