Facebook Glitch

Major Facebook Glitch Floods User Feeds With Random Fan Messages To Celebrity Pages

Facebook has been hit by plenty of glitches over the years, but its latest bug is truly a bizarre case. The social networking platform is flooding user feeds with random fan messages to celebrity pages, such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, and more.

Facebook Glitch (2)

The issue seems to be spreading far and wide, and is still happening at the time of writing. Individuals have been quick to take advantage of the situation to send memes to the artists, which will later appear on the timeline of those who follow the same personality — or so it seems. A widely-shared image features a turkey sandwich with the caption, “If you see this share it to another celebrities Facebook page keep the turkey sandwich moving.”

Other posts include memes of Mark Zuckerberg trying to fix the problem, cryptocurrency projects, and donation links to various personal accounts. Although it doesn’t appear to be a traditional outage, users have taken to Downdetector to report the problems starting at just before 2:00AM ET.

There’s currently no estimated time for the fix, though the news feed does change back to the usual chronological order after scrolling past all the random posts, which are usually filtered out by an algorithm.