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WhatsApp Introduces Communities Feature For Users To Start Sorting Out The Numerous Chat Groups They Are In

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature, Communities. This feature addresses one of the issues that users of the Meta-owned messaging service have been facing – the bloating number of WhatsApp chat groups people tend to have with different permutations of the same or similar circles of people.

The Communities feature will allow users to organise the various chat groups they’re in under larger umbrella groups. Also, users will be able to receive updates sent to entire Communities, and admins will be able to send announcement messages while controlling which groups will and will not receive those messages. This is definitely a welcome feature as we are all familiar with the feeling of the number of chat groups becoming unwieldy. Having a way to keep the various groups neat and tidy will definitely be valuable to many.

Other than the Communities feature, there are also other new features being introduced to make WhatsApp as a whole more user-friendly. Emoji Reactions will be made available, so people can simply react to messages using emojis without flooding the chat. Group admins will also be able to delete messages from everyone’s chats with Admin Delete, getting rid of problematic messages for everyone easily. The maximum file size for File Sharing will also be increased to 2GB soon. Finally, one-tap voice calling will accommodate for up to 32 people now, making group calls much easier and more convenient.

Looks like chatting on WhatsApp is about to become even more seamless with all these new features.