US$2 Million Magic: The Gathering One Ring Card Bought By Rapper Post Malone

American Rapper Post Malone is the new ring-bearer of the Magic: The Gathering One Ring card.

When Wizards of the Coast announced that there would be a ‘The One Ring Card’ in the The Lord of the Ringss: Tales of Middle-earth set, the big question was when would it be found and who would be the lucky person.

Now, we know that the card was found sometime in late June and while the identity of the person who found it was kept anonymous at the time, that has changed.

magic: the gathering

According to Polygon, the card was pulled by a cousin of a regular store customer in Whitby, Ontario Canada. Following the pull, the card was placed in a bank vault, obtained legal services, and subsequently arranged for the card to be graded by PSA.

The card was valued at US$2 million and after a month, has successfully been sold. The original owner, Joshua Brook, sold the coveted card to rapper Post Malone. In a TikTok and Instagram video, Brook shared that selling the card would change his life, but he wanted to make sure it would go to someone who would appreciate it.

“When I found the One Ring, the first person who came to mind was Post Malone. I have played MTG since I was a kid and obviously it would be amazing to keep this card. But for a guy like me, being able to sell it is life-changing. I just really hoped it would go to someone who would appreciate it as much as I do,” wrote Brook.

“This is my dream come true, meeting Post Malone and him buying the One Ring card from me is literally a moment straight out of a fairytale. Post Malone, you have changed my life. Things like this don’t happen to people like me, I guess it’s magic. I am forever grateful.”

The short video saw Post Malone receiving the card in excitement and hugging Brook. Post Malone is known to be a massive Magic: The Gathering fan and even had a Secret Lair x Post Malone collaboration set. He has also appeared in several YouTube channels and series playing the game.

Unfortunately, it is unclear if Brook sold the card for its value of US$2 million. Several TikTok users suggest that the rapper bought the card for US$2.6 million. Currently, no official comments have been made about the sale price. Either way, both parties seem incredibly happy with the cards they’ve been dealt.