Luna M Launches On Android Devices & Packs A Full-Fledged MMORPG Experience

Developed by SoulGames, the wonderful world of Luna M is an adorable open-world mobile MMORPG that packs in an epic co-op adventure of monsters, might, and magic. The game officially launches on 30 July, with plenty of features and content for players and their friends to enjoy throughout their journey.

Luna M introduces a unique auto-quest feature that allows the player character to grow and level their characters easily. As you progress throughout the game, you’ll be able to customise and personalise your characters the way you want. Filled with hundreds of cosmetics items in-game, it brings countless combinations for every type of player.

Besides that, there’s also an extensive collection of pets and mounts for users to unlock – and they’re not purely cosmetic. In addition to speeding up your travels across the vast world of Luna and offering assistance in combat, they also grant additional stats to bump up your character performance.

Gameplay is sometimes best enjoyed with company, however. Luna M is all about friends and party play, where forming parties to grind on monsters for levels or quests will yield extra experience points. Engage in epic PvE Guild Dungeons to get double the experience points and take down epic bosses in Guild Raids for rare drops with your friends!

Once you’ve decked out your character in Luna M, participating in massive player-versus-player fights offers a thrilling fighting experience against other players. From Guild Wars to epic Siege battles, the game pits the might of you and your friends against other Guilds to take over their homes.

If you think Luna M is yet another mob-grinding MMORPG, you’re in for a surprise because the mobile game includes various adventuring elements as well, such as smithing weapons, fishing and cooking food, harvesting herbs, and other similar tasks to unwind in situations outside of fighting. The likes of character customisation, crafting, dungeon raids, guild raids, and more establish Luna M as a refreshing new MMORPG experience for mobile gamers. Leading up to its official release on 30 July, the game has already opened up pre-registration on Google Play Store, so interested parties may head on over to indicate their interest.

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