‘Loki’ Season 2 Trailer Expands Multiverse, Teases Arrival Of Kang the Conqueror

The God of Mischief is back in season two of Loki where it’s looking a whole lot more dangerous with an expanded multiverse, the addition of a brand new character and a much-awaited villain.

At the D23 Panel, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige pulled back the curtains on Loki season two and revealed a trailer to attendees. “They are shooting right now in the UK as we speak,” announced Feige, before slyly revealing that the cast hopped a plane to be with the fans in Anaheim to debut new footage, just for the room.


In the footage, Loki is seen struggling down a hallway and glitching out. “This is going to sound strange,” he says. “But I’ve been pulled through time, and I saw terrible, awful things.”

He reveals that they are, in fact, being ruled by Kang as he melts the wall to reveal several metal figures of the Conqueror’s face. It doesn’t take long until he and Owen Wilson’s Mobius team up once again, although Mobius can’t seem to recognise or remember his partner in crime. Loki and Mobius try to figure out what’s going on and attempt to stop whatever evil before it is too late.

Attendees also got a quick glimpse at Sophie DiMartino’s Sylvie – a Loki variant – who seems to be going through a rough time after choosing to let chaos reign in the multiverse. The cast later joined the stage to share more.


“Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off,” Tom Hiddleston said. “Loki is back in the TVA and Mobius don’t seem to know who he is.” 

“It’s a little bit like that Talking Heads song,” co-star Owen Wilson said. “And in season two we’re going to answer, ‘How did I get here?” 

Feige also revealed that the series will introduce a new character. and brought in Indiana Jones and Everything Everywhere All At Once actor Ke Huy Quan. “I’m very confused: Is this not the Indiana Jones panel?” joked Quan.

Details of Quan’s character are still kept under wraps, so is the official date of Loki season two release.