Listen To Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Theme Song By Mongolian Throat-Singing Metal Band On Spotify

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has been a commercial and critical success ever since its release in November 2019. While you’re hacking away at droids and Purgetroopers as Cal Kestis, you might’ve heard Cal listening to some peculiar Mongolian throat-singing in the opening stages of the game’s story. That’s the music video you see above.

Recently, EA and Respawn have collaborated with Mongolian band The Hu to release a new original theme song for the game.

The Hu

The song, “Sugaan Essena” (“Black Thunder”), was written and produced specifically for Fallen Order, and offers a gritty but fresh new take on the Star Wars soundscape, providing gamers a new way to bash baddies around with this head-banging experience. Sounds like something Tuskan Raiders would sing, which is pretty badass.

The Hu, who will be making their debut at Coachella in April this year, shared their insights on the making of “Sugaan Essena”. Check out the band’s interview on the making of the song below.

The song is available now on Spotify and iTunes.

The single-player game by Respawn Entertainment and EA starring Cameron Monaghan as the lightsaber-wielding Cal Kestis has been touted as the best Star Wars game in recent years. It is also reported that a sequel game might be in the works.