It’s January and it’s CES time where we get to see plenty of new fancy stuff coming out from the tech world. Hot off the press would be the debut the LG 34UM67 21:9 widescreen UltraWide monitor with AMD FreeSync.

This is not the first time LG has released a 21:9 monitor. However, it will be the first that features AMD’s FreeSync technology. That means that even with my old AMD 5700 I will not be able to enjoy the tech. If you are using an NVIDIA, I’m also pretty certain that it might not work out as well, so prior research will be required before splashing the cash.

Because LG specifically mentioned that World of Warcraft supported the resolution natively, I found two videos that gives you an idea how the game might look.


More screen real estate means more places to put all your bars especially if you are a healer. But as a tank, I’m wishing one that comes up taller so I can finally see the face of the boss that I’m tanking as opposed to just his legs.

Here’s another look at an earlier iteration of a 21:9 monitor by LG.


Things are certainly looking good and it looks to be about time to buy a new rig to welcome in the new year.

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