LG Replacing 18 OLED (2016 – 2019) TV Models Power Boards Due To Overheating Risks

If you’re an early adopter of technology and love to get your hands on the best and flashiest gadgets ahead of everyone else, don’t let this stop that drive. Due to cases of OLED TVs in South Korea overheating, LG had launched a voluntary repair programme in South Korea where it offers to owners help replace the power board of selected OLED TV models

Now, LG Electronics will be expanding this service to other countries, including Singapore, due to reports showing that there have been rare cases of this happening in certain countries outside of South Korea.

18 different OLED TV models, which were released from 2016 to 2019, will be eligible for the free power board replacement service,. They are as follows:

2016OLED65E6, OLED65G6, OLED77G6
2017OLED65B7, OLED65C7, OLED65E7, OLED65G7, OLED65W7, OLED77G7, OLED77W7
2018OLED65G8, OLED65W8, OLED77C8, OLED77W8
2019OLED65W9, OLED77B9, OLED77C9, OLED77W9

According to LG, though the number of cases outside of South Korean remains very low, “the decision was made to voluntarily expand the service to additional countries.” Customers who will be able to partake in the replacement programme will receive an alert directly on their TVs. Do note that models outside of the ones listed above will not be eligible for the free power board replacement service. 

Customers will also not need to pay any fees or not have a TV to use. Here in Singapore, LG Singapore is dispatching technicians to help with the replacement service at your home. Once an appointment has been made, a technician will take a total of 30 minutes to replace the power board on the spot. Interested customers can also call LG’s call centre (6512-0555 options 4) should they require any assistance. 

According to The Verge, LG has stated that the replacement programme isn’t an official recall.

“No government body or consumer protection agency is mandating this,” an LG spokesperson said. “LG in Korea is doing this voluntarily as a preventative measure before boards experience problems.”

Interested customers can check out LG’s official announcement on the replacement programme for more information, or call LG’s call centre should they require any assistance.