LEGO Singapore Doubles Down on LEGO Batman with an Escape Room!

We’re all used to the regular mall activations but LEGO Singapore has gone to the next level by building an escape room in conjunction with the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie.

The premise is the same with other escape rooms that us fellow geeks might be familiar with – enter a room and get out before time runs out by completing a series of puzzles.

However, this time round, the escape room is purely targeted towards kids between the ages of 4 – 14, so you can’t really expect the same level of difficulty on par with the World’s Greatest Detective.

Kids can expect to complete the entire event from start to finish in the span of 20 minutes.

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When we popped by to take a look at the location, LEGO was still setting things up and the lines were clear. To help manage queues, each group would be given a number and you’d come back when your number is called.

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Each session would be able to fit 8 kids in total which would result in quite a bit of screaming especially when they are locked into a room. Thankfully, unlike other escape rooms, there will be minders within the room itself to assist the kids in their tasks.

All in all, not too shabby, considering most angles seem to have been covered. Remember to pick up your own Batman mask when you register for the escape room!

We were not able to enter the rooms but took a quick peek from the escalator downwards. Looks simple enough!

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No LEGO event is complete without a bit of retail in the mix and the sweetener would be grabbing a 5004930 Accessory pack for FREE with a S$88 dollar spend. If you’re holding out for a LEGO Batman set till now, this might be a good reason to splash some cash.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be the city’s next superhero, be sure to head down to ION Orchard from 24 January to 18February 2017.

My pick for this entire event? This lenticular Batman/ Joker portrait. Way awesome!

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