LEGO Mario Looks Terrifying As He Gets Taken Apart (For Science!)

Ever wondered what an autopsy of a robot might look like? Well now fans can have a chance to do so in a video made by Beyond the Brick, which features LEGO Super Mario in all his naked glory.

The video starts tame, with Langston taking Mario’s hat and other accessories apart before unscrewing the back to reveal a battery compartment. However, the operation dives off into the deep end as he attempts to unmasked what is really underneath all the colourful plastics.

The little Italian plumber robot looks almost unrecognisable as his motherboard was plucked out. Amazingly the LCD screen with Mario’s eyes, mouth and stomach could still flicker to life despite being extracted. However, what was most terrifying (and frankly painful) was watching Langston pluck off LEGO Mario’s limbs and snapping off other parts just to reach the insides.

Luckily, unlike Humpty-dumpty’s sad fate, LEGO Mario was successfully put back together again with glue and screws after this experiment. At least now fans of Mario knows what he looks like on the inside, even if its just his LEGO form.