LEGO Created A White Noise Playlist From Thousands Of Bricks For Your Aural Pleasure

The two words LEGO and soothing don’t often come hand in hand. From accidentally stepping on LEGO Bricks to the sores on your fingers after a good build, LEGO is anything but soothing. No matter how beautiful it is. Maybe that’s why the Danish toy company has gone on to create a new playlist designed to help listeners find a moment of relaxation in their busy lives.


Titled LEGO White Noise, the playlist includes 7 tracks of unique noise made by 10,000 LEGO bricks. Example tracks include ‘The Waterfall’ which hears thousands of LEGO bricks being poured on top of each other and ”It All Clicks’ which captures the sound of two LEGO elements joining together. The playlist was recorded entirely by The LEGO Agency, APAC, based in Singapore.


LEGO White Noise is perfect to listen to whilst falling asleep, unwinding or relaxing through LEGO building. The playlist is now available on 15 different music streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes and Google Music.

The new playlist is released in conjunction with the immersive LEGO Botanical Collection. The collection includes LEGO Flower Boquet (S$79.90) and the LEGO Bonsai Tree (S$79.90) and can be purchased on the official LEGO store on LazadaShopee, and Amazon, as well as LEGO Certified Stores, major retailers, and department stores in Singapore.

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