LEGO Brick Sketches Of Your Favourite Heroes and Villains Are Coming

Way back in 2013, we covered the talented Chris McVeigh’s LEGO Brick Sketches series of creations. Fast forward to 2019, Chris joined the LEGO Group as a LEGO Designer, and it looks like his creations have become official sets now (via Brickset). Check out more of his works on his Flickr page.

The first wave of official LEGO Brick Sketches sets will consist Star Wars and DC Comics characters: First Order Stormtrooper (403891), BB-8 (40431), Batman (40386) and The Joker (40428). Each Brick Sketch will come with a retractable stand so you can choose between wall mount or standing on your tabletop.

Brick Sketches became far more popular than I ever expected. Fans loved suggesting new characters and often asked me to create instructions so that they could build their favourites. It was difficult to set aside the concept when I started working at the LEGO Group, but through an amazing series of events, Brick Sketches are now available from the LEGO Group itself. It’s a dream come true.

Chris McVeigh – LEGO Designer

The first wave of LEGO Brick Sketches sets are expected to launch on 1 June 2020, and will be priced at US$19.90 each.

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