No Post Credits Scene for Logan

We’ll save you some time – there will be no end credits for Logan.

Despite this being a movie set within the greater X-Men Cinematic Universe, Logan stands apart because of its gritty, non comic book adherence to storytelling.

Hugh Jackman’s latest portrayal of Wolverine is a dark, no nonsense depiction of a man broken by cynicism, betrayal, death and loss, which makes this not only the best X-Men movie, but also the best character driven comic book movie ever crafted.

Alas, the serious and bleak tonality of this movie meant that some sacrifices had to be made, so one of the main staples of comic book films had to be sacrificed. So no, director James Mangold did not film and include a post credit stinger to the end of Logan.

Which makes a bit of sense, considering that most codas tend to tease what’s coming up next and as far as we can tell, this is Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the savage Wolverine.

And no, despite what you’ve read, Deadpool has no presence in the movie so once the last scene cuts to black, feel free to leave the theatre.