Learn Pre-Coding With The Helpsters This December At Apple

Coding, just the word alone brings forth images of grown men typing away at their computers while strange runic symbols flash across their screen. What if we told you that kids as young as three can now try their hands at creative pre-coding activities to introduce them to the world of coding for absolutely free. 

In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, from December 1-15, Apple Stores around the world will be holding Today at Apple coding sessions. In Singapore’s Apple Orchard Road Store, parents will be able to bring their kids to “Coding Lab for Kids: Pre-Coding with Helpsters classes which according to Apple, will allow participants to learn how to put simple coding steps into a sequence “to help a friend get ready for a new day”. 

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Helping the kids along in the coding sessions are the Helpsters, a team of “vibrant monsters who love to solve problems”. The Helpsters are featured in Apple TV+’s newest live-action preschool TV series and come from the creators of Sesame Street.

On their site, Apple says that the “Coding Lab for Kids: Pre-Coding with Helpsters” classes for kids will help to develop their communication, thinking, and problem-solving skills. Participants who are interested in learning more about coding after the class can read up about Apple’s new Everyone Can Code curriculum which was designed to make learning to code both approachable and connected to the student’s life, which will help them to pick it up faster.

Apple Orchard Road will be holding the “Coding Lab for Kids: Pre-Coding with Helpsters” classes from December 7 to 8, with classes at 1.30pm and 4.30pm on December 7, and 10.30am and 1pm on December 8. Those interested can head on down to Apple’s website to sign up for the class. These classes are also recommended for kids aged three to five.