Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Leaked With AirPods Pro-like Design

Leaks are a dime a dozen nowadays, and Samsung is no less susceptible to them. Ahead of the official unveiling of the next Galaxy Buds, rumours have surfaced that it might be switching up the design.

New leaked renders for the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 (via Korean retailer Coupang) show off an identical look to the Apple AirPods Pro, with similar stems, vents, and a rectangular case. More notably, the earbuds appear to be available in a metallic silver colourway and will boast more angular features, marking a departure from their usual aesthetic.

The company’s current and previous-gen iterations, including the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and Buds FE, sport bulb-shaped buds, a square-ish case design, and a solid lid. Reportedly, the stem of each earbud will extend into the case, and the transparent lid opens up horizontally to reveal them.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Leaks
Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)

It’s not the first time that a brand has borrowed design elements from the AirPods family, with the recent Nothing Ear (1) also making the jump. However, the move by Samsung is particularly interesting, especially after spending years to come up with its own designs.

There’s no word on the announcement date for the Galaxy Buds 3 so far, but all eyes are on the next Samsung Unpacked event, which typically takes place in summer.