Lazada Wants You To Spend Your Money On Their (Sort Of) Brand New LazMall

Last month, Lazada quietly launched their brand new Lazmall in Singapore and Malaysia, after launching in other parts of Southeast Asia like Thailand and Indonesia in June.

One month later, the company is finally ready to make a splash on the online space and officially opened the mall, as well as announcing several other events that will be held in conjunction with the launch.

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Co-President for Commercial, Jing Yin, kicked off the launch event by recounting the last 6 months that Lazada spent creating LazMall. Lazada does not want to just be a transaction business, but also elevate the experience of shoppers, as well as sharing these data directly with brands. “Lazada is constantly pushing the boundaries of eCommerce and innovating to redefine the shopping experience for both shoppers and brands. LazMall is the new way to shop and we are pulling out all the stops to help brands expand their reach and meet their customers’ evolving needs and preferences,” Yin said.

In effect, LazMall is a curated online store, filled with official stores powered by brands, and backed by a greater level of service.

One of the ways Lazada is working with brands is through their new IP called Super Brand Day. Last month, they worked with MAC to hold this offline event in several different countries. Other brands will also work together with Lazada on this Super Brand Day, like Shiseido and Pampers. An upcoming Super Brand Day is in collaboration with Xiaomi, which will launch in all 6 countries where Lazada has a presence (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) on September 6, 2018. During the event, consumers can expect exclusive deals for Xiaomi only offered on the day itself.

Super Brand Day is a part of Lazada’s year-end sale extravaganza the company is calling 9.9. (Sadly, this has nothing to do with Brooklyn Nine-Nine.) One of Lazada’s main driving point is to create new, fun experiences for shoppers. With their theme of “All You Ever Wanted”, Lazada is offering discount and bargains via two games called Shake It and Slash It. By turning the shopping experience into a game, Lazada is hoping to keep customers interested and coming back for more.

“We live in a time-starved world where there are many distractions screaming for our attention. What makes or breaks an eCommerce operation is its ability to continually engage its consumers so that they repeatedly return to purchase,” Yin said.

Shake It was first introduced during Lazada’s anniversary. During a certain date and time, shoppers can download the Lazada app and start physically shaking their phone to get discounts. The reception to Shake It during the anniversary was positive, prompting Lazada to bring back the game. (An added bonus is exercising your arms to get those sweet, sweet deals.) In addition to that, Slash It is another sort of game where shoppers work together to get discounts. It uses your friends and social media to bring down the price of certain items together. Discounts are what friends are really for, no?

9.9 will run on September 1-9, 2018. Lazada plans for this event to be more than just a one-time gimmick. They are also planning for other big sales events in the future, like 11.11 and 12.12, with possibly even more features to be added.

LazMall is promising a lot of things with their launch, like their next-day delivery service, though with quite a few caveats. They’ve also promised even more benefits for customers and sellers alike in the future. What those promises are is yet to be revealed.

Another addition to the brand new LazMall is the brand new, revamped Lazada app. It has been redesigned to be sleeker and a bit easier to navigate. With the update, the icon of the app on your phone shows the 9.9, reminding you that the event is happening right now.

With all the updates and features to their eCommerce site, Lazada is certainly looking to be the go-to online shopping destination, especially in Southeast Asia. A lot of people are still afraid to buy big-ticket items like phones and computers from online stores, with fears of unsatisfactory items or being dupped. Lazada’s attempt with LazMall and their promises might just change people’s minds about that.