'Kingdom The Blood' Game Breathes New Life to Hit Korean Netflix Period Zombie Series

‘Kingdom: The Blood’ Game Breathes New Life Into Hit Korean Netflix Period Zombie Series

If you are into zombies on the big or small screen, then Netflix’s Korean zombie series Kingdom should already be amongst your favourites. Whether it is the Ashin of the North spin-off or the mainline series, the show has delivered thrills, spills, and plenty of undead action. Now, Action Square is bringing the action to games with the reveal of action-RPG Kingdom: The Blood with a new trailer.

Coming to both PC and mobile devices, the game recreates characters, zombies and vicious action from the show in high-quality graphics, together with a story mode that follows the events of the Netflix show.

Kingdom: The Blood will also feature other game modes including a Conquest mode, where players are tasked to engage in diverse five-minute battles against hordes of undead and epic multi-boss battles, together with intense PvP combat.

To maintain authenticity, Korean culture is treated with the utmost care in both gameplay and aesthetics. Motion capture was recorded using a professional Korean sword dancer to perfectly replicate deadly Korean-style combat, while players can show off their own personality with character creation and customisation.

A familiar face in Kingdom The Blood

Kingdom: The Blood will take us through beautiful environments of Korean palaces as well as the zombie-infested city of Hanyang, and we can expect to kill or be killed in all these places. As of now, there is still no release date set for the game, although we can expect more announcements in the coming months.