HoYoVerse’s Free-To-Play Action RPG ‘Zenless Zone Zero’ Sets 4 July Release

With the closed beta coming to a close, Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ), has set its sights on a 4 July 2024 release date. It’s looking to be fast and furious for the folks at HoYoVerse as the team gears up for the game’s release across all major gaming platforms – PC, iOS, Android, and PlayStation 5.

ZZZ takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where mysterious disasters known as “Hollows” have ravaged civilization. Players will take on the role of a Proxy, a guide who ventures into the mysterious Hollows to uncover their secrets.

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Zenless Zone Zero

Reminiscent of games such as Devil May Cry, the fast-paced combat, urban fantasy setting coupled with cyberpunk aesthetics is a step away from the regular fare we’re familiar with HoYoVerse.

The overall gameplay loop encourages players to repeatedly explore Hollows, engage in combat, upgrade their characters, and participate in various activities to progress through the game’s story, unlock new content, and become stronger. It’s not different from other titles such as Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail with the combat system being the main differentiator which might draw in the existing Honkai Impact community. The charm of the game should not be underestimated considering the game itself made an appearance at Apple’s recent iPad launch and should play well on the new M4 chips.

Pre-registration for ZZZ is now open on the official website with over 35 million preregistrations worldwide locked in.

Zenless Zone Zero Pre-Registration MilestonesRewards
15,000,000 pre-registrations30,000 Dennies
20,000,000 pre-registrations3x Master Tape
25,000,000 pre-registrations5x Coup-En
30,000,000 pre-registrations3x Master Tape
35,000,000 pre-registrationsAgent Corin character unlock
40,000,000 pre-registrations12x Master Tape
Dennies serve as the primary currency for purchasing items and upgrades, with Coup-En used as the resource to upgrade your in-game Bangboo companion. For new characters, players will want to get hold of plenty of Master Tape to acquire their favourites or furry.