Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game Dark Road Delayed Due To COVID-19

It has happened once again, another game has been delayed due to the coronavirus and this time it is Square Enix’s upcoming mobile game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

In a post on Twitter announcing the delay, Square Enix mentioned it was due to the “current conditions” and though no further details were given, the company says more will be revealed in an upcoming update in June. 

Square Enix also apologised for the late update, as Kingdom Hearts Dark Road was initially slated to release in Spring 2020. It revealed the delayed update was due to the team “trying to find some means of making a Spring release.”

The game, originally dubbed Project Xehanort, was first announced in January where the devs held a contest to guess the name of the mobile game. The actual name for the game was subsequently revealed in late January, with more details including screenshots of the game itself revealed in February.

Square Enix notes that the game will offer players “exhilarating, high-speed battles that depend on reflexes.” Based on the screenshots it appears Dark Road will feature a card-based battle system, with the cards each carrying different skills and effects in battle. 

The game will be available inside the Kingdom Hearts Union X app on both iOS and Android devices, though fans do not need to Union X to get access to Dark Road.