Killer Robot Dogs Are No Longer Science Fiction; This One Has A Mounted Sniper Rifle

What used to be in the realm of dystopian science fiction has now become reality. Killer robot dogs are now a thing. Military robot maker, Ghost Robotics, has attached a sniper rifle to a quadrupedal robot dog, and it looks truly nightmarish.

If anything, this suggests that all those science fiction games and literature served as inspiration rather than warnings. They may be cautionary tales, but humans derive thrill from danger. So, here we are.

In Battlefield 2042, players can strap C4 to the Rangers and have them blow enemies up.

And in Black Mirror, there’s Metalhead.

These four-legged ground drones have always looked highly unsettling, and despite all the good they can do, the idea of them becoming lethal threats come way too easily. The ‘far off future’ described in science fiction just gets closer and closer. At times, it even seems like humanity is trying to catch up to it like some kind of competition.

Here’s to hoping that we are not moving in the direction of The Terminator.