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Kelly Marie Tran – A New Hope In The Star Wars Legacy

Geek Culture had the chance to chat with Kelly Marie Tran over the weekend when she was in town for the first leg of her (first ever!) press tour.

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The first thing we noticed is how incredibly bubbly and friendly she is, making you feel like she’s a friend and not an actor on the cusp of breaking into the international spotlight.

Spotting my Star Wars 40th Anniversary shirt (A Star Wars Celebration exclusive), she excitedly shared that she was at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando this year, where she was first introduced to the world as a new character in the Star Wars universe.

Tran scored her first movie role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and made history as the first Asian female actor to hold a prominent role in any Star Wars film. She stars as resistance mechanic Rose Tico and beyond the basic information, there is little we know of Rose, except that she’ll be working closely with Finn (John Boyega), and has a sister who’s a Resistance Gunner.

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She’s tight-lipped about her role and admits that from co-workers to family, people around her have been prodding her for more details on her role as Rose. She is, however, happy to talk to us about other subjects she can share about, check out what she has to say above!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in cinemas on December 14th in Singapore.

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