Keep Your Laundry Titan-free with Attack On Titan X Kao Detergent!

When humanity is threatened by man-eating monsters capable of destroying cities, you need the right gear for the job, and a clean set of garments is always the way to go.

Probably inspired by the clean freak, Levi Ackerman, of Attack on Titan fame, creator Hajime Isayama is now collaborating with Japanese detergent brand, Kao, in one of 2018’s biggest crossover yet. And Kao’s top-selling brand is ATTACK, coincidence? I think not.

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A crowdsourced partnership come to life, the collaboration was decided upon after Kao took to Twitter for votes on the eventual design. With stock both on Amazon and specifically for the Matsumoto Kiyoshi pharmacy sold out, Kao asked Twitter if more should be produced, and with a resounding 20,000 retweets thus far, the answer is a definite yes.

Unfortunately, this amazing creation is only available in Japan, so unless you are willing to fly for detergent, this is out of your grasp…for now!

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