Indie Game Healing Spree Is A Wacky And Chaotic Take On Healthcare

Even superheroes need saving. And who’s better to save them than healthcare professionals? Indie game Healing Spree is a wacky hospital simulator that will allow players to experience the insane take on overworked health professionals that save lives every day.

In Healing Spree, players become doctors trying to treat as many patients as possible during a pandemic and other medical emergencies. Playable with up to 4 players, there are a lot of tasks that need to be done to win the level. From hauling patients onto their beds, curing viruses, making medications, organising blood transfusions and even performing organ transplants, players will find themselves multi-tasking in order to get the job done.

Healing Spree

Healing Spree takes after the likes of Ghost Town Game’s Overcooked and SMG Studio’s Moving Out with its crazy amount of tasks players have to perform in every level and with the pressure of a time limit. The game gets more and more challenging with every level so it’ll only be a matter of time where players will turn on each other.

Healing Spree

In this game, players will learn how to use medical equipment, diagnose, treat and most importantly save patients who vary from regular civilians to superheroes like Marvel’s Captain America and DC’s Superman. The fast-paced game will have players running from the front door, to the operating theatres and to the pharmacies in an attempt to save as many lives as they can amid the chaos.

Healing Spree

Developed by a small team in Hong Kong called Paro, the game is bound to get you jumping off your seats and yelling at your teammates to complete each level of the game. Players can also annoy one another with items like a flamethrower, disinfectant, guns, swords, and even a lightsaber when the stress hits.

“We know that 2020 was a tough year for everyone,” says Ingo Lau, founder of Paro. “Healing Spree attempts to inject some humour when we need it most while paying homage to health professionals everywhere. While wacky and totally unrealistic, the game highlights the frantic pace of healthcare – betting on fun co-op gameplay and welcoming visuals to start (and end!) friendships on a daily basis.”

Healing Spree will be available on Steam in Q2 2021. Interested players can join the Healing Spree Discord server and play the closed beta.