Singapore’s @Everyone Community Event Is Closest Streamers Will Get To SEA TwitchCon

With TwitchCon held in places like San Diego and Amsterdam in 2022, it was hard for everyone (or rather, the Twitch community – for both streamers and viewers alike) to travel around the globe.

Hence, @everyone was conceived as a night to meet streamers and fellow viewers on Twitch in Singapore. Hosted by *SCAPE, the event attracted 140 participants with tickets selling out in four days. Organized with the community in mind, the event was spearheaded by Patrick Tang (Tanggoz) and Natalie Khoo (Mookhoo).

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everyone twitch
mookhoo (left), Debbidooo (right)

Despite its grassroots nature, the @everyone had a strong pull attracting sponsors such as Aftershock PC, 2K Games, and Logitech into the fold. This resulted in an intimate Saturday evening event showcasing the Twitch community’s various strengths from music to gaming.

Emceed by Debbi Koh (Debbidooo), the evening started early with the community streaming in punctually with much encouragement from the organizers. For anyone who has yet to visit the space, the venue at *SCAPE is best described as small and cosy. With many esports watch parties tucked under its belt, the acoustics of the place magnifies even a small gathering.

everyone twitch

This was helpful as musical segments punctuated the event with Cheropepero kickstarting the event. In between, there was plenty of time for fellow streamers and viewers to mingle and interact as well.

everyone twitch

Rotating between giveaways, music, and time for booth interaction allowed the community plenty of time to interact with the various booths at @everyone.

everyone twitch

It really felt like a convention of sorts as art streamers vensroom and butterbeanren set up booths which gave us the comic con vibes.

Recognizing how Twitch’s main core still revolved around gaming, 2K even got into the action with a small showcase of their latest release – Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

everyone twitch

With planning starting around end September 2022, @everyone began as a joke on Tang’s stream. “I was making jokes about organizing a small community event as I’ve been neglecting my own community for the past 2 years. My community told me it won’t happen so to prove them wrong,” according to Tang.

This led to Tang roping in Khoo when he “joked around with mookhoo (Natalie Khoo) that we’ll organize the first and biggest one this year. Lo and behold we just got down to deciding what we wanted to do and that was how it happened!”

So, this is a small reminder that whenever Tang jokes about something happening, it might very well come to life in no time.

Here are the rest of the sights to sum up the event –

Would this event be a limited-moment drop or would it see the next iteration? Time will tell how @everyone might spark the community to take on an even bigger event in the future.