Imagine Dragons Drops ‘Children of the Sky’, The Official Anthem For ‘Starfield’

Alternative pop-rock band Imagine Dragons has unveiled an ethereal track, Children of the Sky, in anticipation of Bethesda’s all-new Starfield game. This captivating track, just over three minutes long, harmoniously blends dramatic visuals of diverse planets from the game, coupled with iconic elements of its original soundtrack.

Originally announced in 2018, Starfield‘s release has been highly anticipated. As the space role-playing game is set to launch this September, this musical collaboration adds an extra touch of excitement to its debut. Dan Reynolds, the frontman of Imagine Dragons, expressed his thoughts: “Bethesda created iconic games we’ve been playing for most of our lives, and we’re honoured to have collaborated on this song.”

Starfield composer Inon Zur partnered with Imagine Dragons on Children of the Sky. He reflected, “The band has created an amazing, emotional, and memorable song, and I joined them in crafting the Starfield motif into the song as well as iconic elements from the Main Theme and the Starfield orchestral treatment. The outcome is a massive celebration for Starfield and I hope that the group’s fans as well as gamers from all over the world will find it as exhilarating and magnificent as we all feel.”

Interestingly, this isn’t Imagine Dragons’ first rodeo in the gaming realm. Known for hits like Radioactive and Believer, they’ve also crafted tie-in songs such as Enemy for the League of Legends spinoff, Arcane, and 2014’s Warriors in collaboration with game developer Riot Games.

For those who secured early access, Starfield will be available on PC and Xbox Series X|S starting 1 September 2023 (GMT+8) . A broader audience, including Game Pass subscribers, can venture into the game’s universe on 6 September.