Huawei Wants To Pump US$1 Billion Into Smart Cars As It Diversifies Into New Industries

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has launched a series of intelligent car components and solutions including 4D imaging radar, Augmented Reality Head Up Display (AR-HUD) and MDC 810 during its Huawei Inside product launch event titled ‘Focused Innovation for Intelligent Vehicles’.

These products are designed to help OEMs build advanced intelligent vehicles and enable the Chinese automotive industry to upgrade their technology and become a pioneer of new energy and autonomous driving.

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“The ‘Huawei Inside’ initiative is designed to integrate Huawei’s technological strengths with the vehicle manufacturing capabilities of automakers to build high-end intelligent vehicles that provide a more enjoyable driving experience,” commented William Wang, President of Huawei’s Intelligent Automotive Solution Business Unit. “Facing accelerated transformation of intelligent vehicles, Huawei is committed to lighting up the future of autonomous vehicles through innovation.”


This foray into the car industry is also the company’s way to diversify their portfolio, as well as establish themselves in the market.

Huawei’s 4D imaging radar allows the smart car to confidently identify objects on its path and allow it to better maintain distance and speed when a hidden object is sensed. The 4D imaging radar is said to perform regardless of lighting and bad weather.

Next, the AR-HUD is meant to give drivers an upgraded driving experience with the ability to transform an ordinary windshield into a 70-inch HD screen. The HD screen tracks the drivers’ eye movements, allows divers to view detailed information on the windshield and deliver an immersive visual experience and driving assistance too.

Last but not least, Huawei has built its own computing platform for intelligent driving called the MDC. The new MDC 810 launched enables autonomous driving functions such as Traffic Jam Pilot, Highway Pilot and Auto Valet Parking.

All these new technologies are already found in the two new cars that the company co-developed with Chinese electric cars maker, ARCFOX, which were unveiled earlier this week.

Hoping to rival against industry giants like Tesla, Huawei plans to employ 5000 people and pump US$1 billion into research and development.


Diversifying their industries is a strategic move for Huawei, especially since their smartphones sales are seeing a 41% decline in the US. The company aims to cut smartphone output by 60% by 2021. With the automotive industry expected to grow after the COVID-19 pandemic, this is Huawei’s opportunity to take the lead and show off its technology and what it’s capable of.