How to Get Into Monster Hunter World’s Multiplayer

After spending over one hundred hours in the exotic locales of Monster Hunter World, one thing stuck. It was infinitely more fun to hunt gigantic beasts with a bunch of friends/strangers.

Yes, it makes the game harder, but the sheer excitement can’t be beaten when a group does it flawlessly. Give me a rolling death squad of four hunters any day.

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But, the game sure does not make it easy for hunters. With its convoluted menu system and a disappointingly poor online management, it can be really frustrating. So, let me help!

To start a session with your friends, speak to your trusty Handler or head to the Gathering Hall’s quest counter. Here, you can begin your search for online sessions that are suitable for you.

Language, skill level, the specific monster you want to hunt, all the important stuff. If there’s a specific session in play, you will need the ten-digit session ID.

If you are using the game’s matchmaking mode, you will end up in a random session.

Maybe you are feeling extra helpful, then head to the quest board and search for current SOS flares from other hunters, jump in and start helping!

As a host, you will have other options to consider.

To invite your friends or squad mates (Monster Hunter World‘s version of guilds), go to the pause menu and send them an invite. Check your session ID via the Player List option so it’s easier to share.

The complicated processes do have their benefits though, the search function is robust and complete when you are trying to focus.

From monsters to hunters, there are options to determine how you want to play and to find fellow players with the same aim. Such precision makes all the menu-hopping worth it, and before you faint in fear, the best way is to try it out and learn.

Once you get going, you might never wanna hunt alone again!

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