Horizon Forbidden West Introduces New Tools And Abilities To Traverse The Lush New World

Guerrilla Games, the development studio for the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West, has revealed new mechanics and tools in a PlayStation developer’s blogpost for players to use when the game releases on 18 February 2022. The player character, Aloy, will have her toolkit expanded to allow for free climbing, swimming, various traversal methods, and new melee weapon upgrades.

It seems like the sequel to the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn will be improving upon what made the first game great. Aloy will be able to climb up rocky surfaces freely even in the absence of tribal handholds, which not only gives the game world a more naturalistic feel, but also provides a greater sense of verticality in gameplay. There will also be a kind of high vault traversal mechanic that allows Aloy to hoist herself up surfaces and objects of jumpable height.

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As for new tools, there is a Pullcaster, which allows players to use as a grapple, and even destroy the environment. Players can even grab onto a higher ledge while in mid-air, and launch attacks from long range while airborne. The Pullcaster can also be used to pull hidden chests towards Aloy or open vents for new paths to climb. There will also the a Shieldwing tool, which works like a glider, allowing Aloy to land from a height smoothly and elegantly.

Beyond all that, there is also the addition of a workbench, a new skill tree, new melee features for the spear, new machine mounts, and swimming!

Horizon Forbidden West seems to be shaping up to be a behemoth of a release.