Hilarious 'Trombone Champ' Honks At Loud Return of Rhythm Video Games

Hilarious ‘Trombone Champ’ Honks At Loud Return of Rhythm Video Games

If there’s one thing that is always exciting about the world of video games, is that there is always a chance for a game to come out of nowhere and surprise us pleasantly, be it in gameplay, design, or even its story. For Holy Wow Studios, the rhythm joy fest that is Trombone Champ firmly nails it in gameplay and how it sounds and looks.

Having launched on 16 September, the game has rightfully garnered plenty of rave reviews thanks to its simplicity in execution but also the depth of what awaits players. With 20 tracks to enjoy, collectible Tromboner Cards to amass, and a hint of a mystery at the heart of it all, the charm of Trombone Champ is off the charts.

The game can be played with a controller, but a mouse is recommended. By moving your arm forward and back, like a trombone, the pitch of the note will slide up and down to match. At the same time, click or use the keyboard to blow, with the sounds your trombone makes completely controlled by you. Whether you are keen to get a high score or just want to belt out a tune of your own, the choice is there in Trombone Champ.

Trombone Champ

The developers are definitely going to be happy with this success, and the inclusion of a roadmap bodes well for the players as well. More songs are on the cards, as well as more accessible control methods, so there is much to look forward to.

With rhythm games not exactly setting the world on fire as they did back in the day, it is still absolutely fun to see a game like Trombone Champ making waves. Now, the only question is, what other instrument can benefit from such a setup? The possibilities are quite endless.