Google Updates The Nest Hub With New Sleep Sensing Soli Technology

Google has just announced its 2nd-generation Nest Hub that will further improve its technology and add Sleep Sensing to track and help our sleeping patterns.

The next-gen Nest Hub will retain much of its look and thick bezel to retain its real-life photo frame look. It will be available in Chalk (White), Charcoal (Black), Sand (Pink) and a new Mist (Blue) colour.

What’s unique about the Nest Hub has always been its technology. The new Nest Hub consists of a machine learning chip that lets your common Assistant commands be processed much faster locally, has an all-new improved sound system with 50% more bass and a third far-field microphone. Another addition is also the hidden Soli radar chip that helps you to play/pause media by just tapping in the air. There is also a wave gesture to snooze alarms.

The Sleep Sensing powered by the Soli technology uses sensors to analyze your sleep based on your movement, breathing and other sleep occurrences such as coughing, snoring, or temperature changes. Behind the Soli technology isn’t a camera that can see you visually, what it does is generate movement graphs to determine and analyze those sleep patterns you have daily. These results can be deleted easily in the morning.

Simply check-in with Google in the morning by asking “Hey Google, how did I sleep?” or tap the “Sleep Summary” button for the entire breakdown of your sleep. There are also weekly summaries to check your breathes per minute, snoring or cough data. Google will then analyze these data and suggest recommendations for you to improve your sleep.

So if you’re always worried about bad sleeping patterns, perhaps this might be a good investment that you can consider, because sleep is forever important.

The new Nest Hub is available for pre-order for only US$99.99 on the Google Store and will launch officially on 30 March.