Google Pixel 6 Alleged Leaks Reveal Radical New Design

After a relatively muted launch for the Google Pixel 5 mobile phone, it seems that the team has gone back to the drawing board.

While it might not have been the best time to launch a new phone last year (Apple’s demand seems to differ) these new renders of the upcoming 2021 Google Pixel 6 do look pretty good.

To be clear, these are actually 3D renders and not the final product. Prolific phone leaker Jon Prosser claimed to have had the chance to look at the actual device before putting these renders together.

Talk about early marketing.

For the Google Pixel 6, we’ll could be expecting the following changes:

  • Google will deploy their own GS101 ‘Whitechapel’ chipset
  • “XL” naming to be replaced with a “PRO” title
  • “PRO” models feature 3 camera lenses
  • An in-display fingerprint reader

Overall, this is still great and heading in the right direction. While Google had flirted with face unlock recently, it might make a reappearance but with most of the world wearing masks, a fingerprint scanner is just more practical.

Really loving the two tone colour strip at the tone which harkens back to the Google Pixel 2 days and Huawei Nexus 6P with the horizontal camera strip. Let’s do hope Google keeps their pastel colours as well which really helped it stand out from the crowd.

Check out more renders from Jon Prosser here.