Google Nest Audio Is The Smartest Speaker You’ll Ever Need, Or So Says Google

Smart speakers have become increasingly popular over the years — not so much for the audio quality, but for the sheer utility they offer, especially as they typically come with voice assistant software and sync nicely with various other devices for a more seamless smart home experience.

The new Google Nest Audio, however, aims to do more justice to the aural end of things, while at the same time maintaining the quality smart functions seen in the original Google Home, which this new speaker also aims to replace.

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The company claims that the Nest Audio boasts 75% louder and 50% stronger bass than the Google Home. This is thanks to a new 75mm woofer that brings the best out of those low-frequency beats and sounds. A 19mm tweeter aims to add more balance to the highs and mids (in theory, at least).

But of course, one can’t discount the “smart” aspect of this smart speaker. The Nest Audio comes with a new Media EQ feature that lets it automatically adjust its EQ depending on the media you’re consuming on it, such as music, podcasts, and even voice commands on Google Assistant.

Similar to Google Nest Hub and Nest Mini, the Nest Audio comes equipped with an updated version of Google Assistant that reads voice commands as accurately as possible for the most seamless user experience. Additionally, it also comes with the nifty ability to stream whatever you’re listening to across multiple Nest Audio devices with zero hassle.

Additionally, in line with a new eco-friendly trend going on in most industries today, the Google Nest Audio is made with 75% recycled plastic, which is great if you’ve a green thumb.

The Google Nest Audio is available for pre-order now in Singapore, and retails for S$139. It will be available in two colours: Chalk and Charcoal.