Go Back In Time With The PC Classic Mini Game Console

For those of us who spent our childhood playing Doom and Quake, you might have the chance to relive the good ol’ days with the PC Classic.

Unlike the PlayStation Classic and the SNES Classic, the PC Classic is an unofficial product currently in development by Unit-e, a small gaming company. Based on the product teaser, it features three USB slots (two in front and one at the back), analog video jacks, an HDMI port, a diskette slot and comes with joystick support. Unit-e has also promised the mini game console would come with at least 30 licensed games and hopes that you can bring it around for parties, like your very own portable arcade system.

This is clearly a work in progress as there are still lots of details waiting to be confirmed, such as the price of the product (they are aiming for US$99), the list of DOS games, targeted date of release and if there are any accompany accessories to go with the product.

The PC Classic hopes to launch as a crowdfunding/kickstarter project soon in late November/early December so if it’s best to sign up on their website for updates if you’re keen to back this project.