Chad Stahelski Ghost of Tsushima Movie Spin-offs Sequels

Ghost of Tsushima Movie Director Intends To Expand Story And Sequels Through TV Spin-offs

Fans of Ghost of Tsushima are eager to know how Chad Stahelski – the director of the gritty and ultra-violent John Wick : Chapter 4 – will translate the Kurosawa-inspired video game to the silver screen. Even before we are provided with sneak peeks, the team is already considering how to expand its story beyond the movie in the making.

Chad Stahelski has revealed that the team behind the Ghost of Tsushima movie is considering sequels and TV spin-offs to tell more contemporary stories of samurais, honour, survival, and feudal Japan.

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Chad Stahelski Ghost of Tsushima Movie Spin-offs

In an interview with IGN, Stahelski expressed that the movie is now “in heavy development” and that he is exploring ways to expand the IP further after making “a two, two and a half hour movie… [that takes] so much great and get it down to a watchable level.”.

Ghost of Tsushima Movie Sequels TV

Stahelski also noted that the story of Jin Sakai – his journey and the themes surrounding his story – is compelling and that the characters and visuals of the video game will be honoured on movie screens. 

Ghost of Tsushima Stahelski Spin-offs Sequels TV

Last we checked, Stahelski has promised the dialogue of the Ghost of Tsushima movie to be in Japanese and supported by a full Japanese cast. Regardless, Stahelski’s contributions to the Wickverse have proven that he’s capable of honouring the spirits and thematics of action-driven IPs. While waiting on more information for the movie, it’s a good idea to go back to playing the game and appreciating the Akira Kurosawa-inspired in-game cinematography.