Get A Victory Fanfare With Final Fantasy-Themed Fried Chicken!

Convenience stores in Japan are often well-liked for several reasons. Its wide variety of foods to choose from, the excellent service (who doesn’t like to be greeted with a peppy “Irrashaimase!” every time you enter the store?), and pretty much just how convenient it is — you can find one pretty easily in Japan, provided you are not in some rural Japanese village.

This time, the convenience store chain Lawsons is giving you another reason to want to visit it with it’s Final Fantasy-themed fried chicken, or Karaage-kun as it is called in Lawsons.

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This Final Fantasy-themed fried chicken is called Final Fantasy Limit Break and is actually one of the many special seasonal flavours that Lawsons will have for their customers.

The Limit Break Karaage-kun, which is named after the high-power charged attacks that heroes and heroines have been using in-game, is garlic oil-flavoured. So fans who might be a little shy with saying that they want a Limit Break Karaage-kun can simply ask for the garlic oil-flavoured one.

Or they can just point to the box with an adorable Moogle printed on it.

Plus each box of Karaage-kun is pretty affordable, only costing 221 yen (or approximately S$2.70). The process of paying for it at the cashier is also about the best thing about the whole experience, with Final Fantasy’s Victory Fanfare bursting forth from the speakers as soon as the cashier keys in your payment.

It’s as if you have successfully completed a quest in Lawson’s and your reward is garlic oil-flavoured fried chicken.

Customers who have eaten Lawson’s Karaage-kun has said that the chicken is not like most other convenience store fried chicken. Instead, it is tender, juicy, and full of flavour, with the Limit Break Karaage-kun having a spicy garlic flavour for that extra kick.

Lawson has also promised that customers who purchase the Limited Break Karaage-kun from January 29 to February 4 will be rewarded with a different sound for their purchase. We wonder what it will be.