Geek Review: Sony Bravia X95K Mini LED TV

With their hefty price tag, TVs are an important investment. A lot of thought has to go into the decision process, including the pros and cons of different display technology. Sony’s Bravia X95K revisits the OLED-versus-mini-LED argument, where the former emerges as the more popular choice with richer colours, deeper blacks, and more striking contrast.

Review done by Bobby Tonelli.

Coming in at 65 inches, the mini LED TV is a near identical build of its Bravia A80K OLED 4K sibling, complete with the same user-friendly UI and fantastic speakers. Like its kind, the Bravia X95K boasts natural hues and more nuanced shadows, though the difference may be too subtle for non-cinephiles to pick up.

There’s just one gripe. The ports are not in an ideal position, so any wire work will prove awkward and cumbersome, which at its S$7,065 price tag, shouldn’t be an issue. On a lesser TV, the oversight can be easily forgiven, but not in this case — ease of access and convenience are only expected from such a pricey package.

Check out the above video for a detailed breakdown of how the Sony Bravia X95K Mini LED TV compares to the A80K OLED iteration, and which gives the better value for money.