Geek Review: Ryu vs Sakura (Ultra Street Fighter IV) Kids Nations GM-01

I remembered the first time Hong Kong based collectible company, Kids Logic, caught my attention, when they released the Mecha Nations deformed Optimus Prime, sculpted with amazing details, metallic paint and decked out with LED lights. Then, they blew minds of Back To The Future fans (including my own), when they announced the Magnetic Levitating DeLorean Time Machine (due for release in July 2016).

I recently got my hands on their Street Fighter licensed Ryu vs Sakura 2-Pack Action Figure Set. Priced at US$32, this makes it quite a steal for SF fans.

The Contents

The package comes with two action figures, Ryu and Sakura, each measuring between 9 to 10 cm tall. Each figurine also comes with a generous set of 15 articulation joints, and an extra pair of fists, so owners get them opened and closed. Each figurine is accompanied with a display stand, labelled with their respective names. Thanks to these stands, Ryu and Sakura will be able to pull off their mid-air moves in all their glory. As for accessories, there are a pair of “Hadouken” fireballs with stands too. And to complete the diorama, there is cardboard backdrop of Sakura’s stage, which also acts as a connector of sorts for the two character display stands.


The character sculpts themselves are very stylised, which might not appeal to everyone. Big-headed figurines also tend to have balance issues where they’ll have trouble standing properly most of the time. This is, however, not an issue with Ryu and Sakura, thanks to their level of articulation and overall weight distribution, having them stand without toppling over was a breeze!

I would have preferred if the backdrop was made of plastic or some other material that was more durable though. Cardboard just wouldn’t cut it, especially in humid environments. But it is probably to keep the production costs low, and prioritize on the quality of the figurines instead. I suppose a quick fix to this would be to head out and laminate it.

“Hadouken” Fireballs

I love how Kids Logic designed the fireballs to be made up of 3 detachable parts. This way, each fireball has a dual purpose. You can either have the character posed in a charging up position, or having launched the “Hadouken”. One minor gripe is on the decision to have the fireball’s display stand come in black. It would have looked far better to have it transparent, so as to simulate the fireball’s motion in mid-air more effectively.


PVC, Articulation and Joints

Kudos to Kid Logic for using PVC to make these pair, which in my opinion, is a far better choice than vinyl. Many toy/collectible manufacturers tend to use vinyl but vinyl simply can’t hold out in warm and humid climates, and they get depressingly sticky and gooey after a year or so.

With a generous set of 15 articulation points each, I was able to arrange them in virtually all of their iconic poses with ease.

I initially had some trouble getting them into doing their fireball strike pose, due to the width of their chibi bodies in comparison with their arm lengths. But that was until I discovered that Kids Logic actually went the extra mile, and designed the shoulder joints to be “extendable” outwards, so that the figurines can angle their arms inwards more, without being obstructed by their clothing sculpts.

At a sweet price point of US$32, this makes for an affordable collectible for SF fans who are looking for a diorama set with highly poseable characters. Want more? There’s even a Ken vs Fei Long (GM-02) available on the market now, for the same price. Get both sets and set up a 4-way battle!