The Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse is the latest mouse that employs its Dual Zero senor technology that touts high-accuracy cursor control. I lifted that entire line off the press release and found no discernible difference in terms of precision between my old Logitech MX518 and G602, in all honesty.

Logitech g602 (2)

Sensitivity, DPI, latency and all the many other technical phrases do little to make you a pro gamer. Practice in the game is what sets you apart, not hardware. However, that being said the G602 just feels different and would probably make a big difference in the right hands, just not mine.


With six additional thumb buttons at the side of the mouse, that’s plenty of training hours required to build the thumb dexterity to employ them to maximum effect. I can see most users using at the most outer most ones more frequently as compared to the inner two. Reaching the two inner most buttons, closest to the wrist, is hard as it requires you to reposition your entire hand just to depress it. It would have been better to design the mouse with the buttons extended vertically instead of horizontally.

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Closest to the left mouse buttons would be two buttons that allows the user to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse on the fly. While useful to some, it would take practice (once again) to employ this feature to maximum effect. Throughout my use of the mouse, it was rather hard for me to accidentally hit these buttons which highlights how well this mouse is actually designed.

The overall feel of the G602 is one of premium build quality. I do know that many gaming mice out there tout the same feel but the G602 gives me the impression that much thought went into it’s design.

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Starting the the left and right mouse buttons, the plastic is the kind that you would generally expect in most gaming mice, and not my favourite material of choice. In past experiences, over long extended usage, the material would start to become sticky and gross. Moving close to the wrist, the ridged rubber feels good in the palm and helps keep it in place. Gamers with sweaty palms would appreciate this the most. Ending off with the base of the mouse, is a textured plastic that is the roughest of the lot which helps further secure your hand in place. The nicest part would be the protruding section that gives your thumb a nice and comfortable spot to rest to prevent it from getting in the way of the action.

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Being fully wireless helps with its maneuverability as well. With two modes available, Endurance and Performance, gives gamers the flexibility to adjust the battery consumption of the mouse with a simply flick of a switch. I’ve been using the mouse for a good few weeks now and I’ve yet to change the batteries despite me leaving it on 24/7.


There are a many options for a gaming mouse in the market right now and finding the perfect one that fits your playstyle is as challenging as purchasing a car. Unfortunately for you, there’s no way to give your gaming mouse a spin to get a feel if it is the right one for you.

Such is the dilemma for the modern day gamer.

The Logitech G602 is the safe choice that can do well in the hands of a novice to the progamer. It has been designed well enough to provide both comfort and performance at a reasonable price considering it’s build quality.

I’ve found that Logitech focuses more on performance rather than adding in more bells and whistles compared to other mice makers. After all, you would prefer to see your dollar spent into actual useable hardware as opposed to another fancy led light mode.

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