LEGO City has kicked off a new wave of sets, with the introduction of LEGO City Volcano, a series of themed sets based on the exploration of ruptures in the Earth’s crust.

The interesting bit is that while the theme is listed as LEGO City Volcano, the series continues to only bear the LEGO City name on the packaging.

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The LEGO City Volcano Starter Set 60120 is a starter pack comprising of 4 nameless minifigs – a volcano adventurer, a female volcano worker, a male volcano worker and a female volcano scientist.

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Included in the set is a miniature volcano with an eruption function, a translucent lava boulder containing a crystal element, as well as a single seater all-terrain vehicle with a walkie-talkie, and a chain for dragging said lava boulder.

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What makes the set appealing is the provision of four figurines, each with its own distinct head sculpt. While two of the body parts are identical, there has been an effort to create 4 distinct characters, of which two are females.

Long time comic fans might note the inspiration behind this group. Marvel’s First Family, the Fantastic Four has 4 members, and so does DC Comics’ Challengers Of The Unknown.

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The cap-wearing volcano adventurer has a trucker cap to complete his rugged ensemble, while the female volcano scientist is the only character not wearing any headgear, and comes with her own hair piece. Like any good scientist she’s equipped with a camera for massive documentation that will happen on site.

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The two volcano workers have on a breathing apparatus, with one toting a metal detector while the other has a pick axe.

The ATV is a relatively simple built, but what stood out is the wheel placement. The rear wheel set is elevated by one lego piece, so the vehicle has a downward pointing placement.

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Like its Nexo Knights series, this Starter Set comes with its own launcher, in the form of a mini volcano. A simple lever is worked into the base of the seismic rupture, and the cone volcano allows for two red round bricks and one transparent rock crystal to be placed within the cone. Flip the lever and the three pieces come jumping out.

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For LEGO collectors, the most attractive piece would be the Shell Rock piece that has been introduced in this LEGO City Volcano series. Each piece is a 4 x 2 x 3 dome, and fitting two pieces together forms a spherical structure. Within the hollow structure is also an empty space to fit one transparent rock structure.

All treasures have to be hauled home some day and the boulder allows for a chain to be attached at the rear of the ATV, for the vehicle to lug the boulder around.

The boulder reminds me of a Kinder Surprise Egg, where there is enough space to actually fit a small item within its cavity.

Though simple in its presentation, the Starter Set offers a nice look at LEGO’s latest City line of sets. The four characters are a nice combination to the series, and at S$19.90, offers a gateway to populate any LEGO city.


The above LEGO set can be found at all LEGO Certified Stores, Toys “R” Us, plus other leading departmental and select toy stores.

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