Geek Review Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity DLC

Geek Review – Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity DLC

With the option of downloadable content, developers and studios now have the opportunity to add on to the main spectacle, extending the gameplay experience that hopefully refreshes the formula for the player and game. The concept is not new, and while some consider DLCs to be parts of the full game that have been withheld to charge consumers more, there are instances where they can alter the trajectory of the game and that’s where the Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity DLC takes a refreshing turn by inviting a figure from the past, and embracing a new way to play.

The gameplay elements may still be vintage Far Cry, but the setup is anything but. By allowing players to finally step into the shoes of the iconic villain, it is storytelling that is intimate and complex, all unfolding within the fractured mind of Vaas, the villain first introduced way back in Far Cry 3 and seemingly died. To see him return in the DLC, alive and well, aligns well with how the gameplay loop will work, taking on a new guise with roguelite elements introduced into a cycle of life, death, and constant progression.

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Essentially, success comes in the form of escaping Vaas’ mind, and that can only be done by retrieving the three pieces of the Silver Dragon Blade, a relic that was first sighted back in Far Cry 3. Of course, it is not going to be easy to obtain them, but the journey is made more worthwhile by blending in elements of the lore behind Vaas and his relationship to Rook Islands, his sister Citra, and the hero that was Jason Brody.

Beginning with nothing but a pistol, players are weak and at the mercy of the dangers of this fragmented world. As you take your first steps and explore, you will chance upon familiar faces that are now foes, and literal ghosts of the past that want to see you dead. 

Armoury Challenges in Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity DLC

Vaas does not regenerate health, relying on limited health syringes to stay alive, and he does not come with an assortment of useful gear like a grappling hook or a wingsuit to navigate the surroundings. And a pistol is not going to cut it if you want to overcome the obstacles that stand between you and salvation.

In the broken mind of Vaas, cash is king, and if you were to die, you are going to lose everything, including any hard-earned equipment and your savings.

Should you start to become more competent at killing enemies and keeping out of harm’s way, you will accumulate cash that can then be spent in two important ways in the Vaas: Insanity DLC. 

Becoming stronger in Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity DLC

At the Mirror, players can unlock permanent traits that will come in handy in all situations. The ability to carry more syringes is going to be a lifesaver, so will the ability to keep some cash even in death. With five traits providing a bevvy of benefits with each level invested, Vaas will become even more efficient at doing what he does best if you can make that happen.

The tools of destruction that will come in handy are unlockable at the Armoury, where weapons are purchased and upgraded. Before you start getting ideas of overwhelming firepower, any and all weapons outside of the pistol require you to overcome Armoury Challenges in the world before their Weapon Cases are unlocked permanently. 

You can then spend cash to unlock them for your current run, or upgrade them for more stopping power now and in the future. A grenade launcher is definitely going to even the odds more than a peashooter. 

Tap on otherworldly powers in Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity DLC

The game world also hides chests that can grant ammo and cash, and occasionally, Powers that are found can grant a variety of buffs and abilities that are almost always useful. 

Players can tailor their playstyles accordingly, pairing sneaky takedowns with the ability to liberate more money, or increased reloading speed after sliding. It is your choice, and unwanted Powers can always be sold for more cash. It is also advisable to unlock more slots for Powers if you are planning to enjoy the Vaas: Insanity DLC for Far Cry 6 for a while.

With all that in mind, players are definitely going to need all the help they can get, as it is not just the Armoury Challenges that will bring the hurt, Regular enemy patrols can be fatal, as are the various activities littered around this more confined play space.

You might stumble upon any of Citra’s Trials, arenas that are designed to test your mettle. There are also several WTF missions, providing a splash of puzzles amongst the bloodshedding, and then we have the main missions, locations hiding more than the pieces of the Silver Dragon Blade.

Each of these instances pulls back the curtain and let us dive deeper into the psyche of Vaas and who he is as a person, brother, and psychopath. Through the enjoyable motion capture and voice performances of Canadian actor Michael Mando as Vaas, we are able to experience his memories through his own eyes, hear his thoughts, and see things from a different perspective.

Is there enough to satisfy the community’s unyielding love for everything Vaas? It depends, but the more we are able to understand about Vaas, the more this villain is able to shine whenever he is called upon. There is a journey of Vaas from a child to the adult that he is, and the snippets that can be found throughout the content open the door to even more.

On that end, Vaas: Insanity DLC does a great job in fleshing out Vaas more than ever before, with the only downside players would be left wanting more even with run after run. 

The fact that it all takes place in a world full of curious sights and the elements of the past are also key to the immersion of the setup. Where else will you be able to see a towering volcano hiding a derelict World War II ship, or massive sharks swimming in the air? The added commentary of Vaas is also a great touch. 

As DLC content for Far Cry 6, the Vaas: Insanity content is certainly a more distinct departure than one would expect. Sure, you may be unlocking things for use in Dani Rojas’ guerilla war against the regime, but the true attraction is Vaas himself.

Seeing him back, together with the nostalgia of Brody, Citra, and the Rook Islands, make for a concoction of intoxicating remembrance and hope for the future. On the flip side, if you are not a fan of Vaas, then this DLC will not have the same longevity.

With increasing difficulties, or Mind Levels, made to keep players coming back for more as they become more adept killing machines, the promise of more Vaas is just the cherry on top. Add in co-op play and the inherent addictiveness of roguelites, and it is nothing but true insanity if you did not give the Vaas: Insanity DLC a shot. 

The Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity DLC is available as part of Season Pass.



An interesting reimagining of the Far Cry formula and the allure of Vaas makes the Vaas: Insanity DLC a must-play for fans of the psychotic maniac.

  • Gameplay - 8.5/10
  • Story - 8.5/10
  • Presentation - 8/10
  • Value - 8/10

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